Cornish Mussels


Keep mussels cool at all times, especially when transporting them from the point of purchase to the place of consumption. Don’t let them heat up in a car whilst you complete your shopping.

Store mussels in a cool fridge but make sure they don’t freeze. Protect them from draughts by wrapping them in wet newspaper. If they are stored in a plastic bag make sure they are not completely sealed, as they need a little air.

Live mussels will leak a little seawater during storage so make sure this is contained and does not drip onto other food.


  • Store in water (fresh or sea)
  • Attempt to cleanse or feed with oat meal or similar witchcraft remedies.

Mussels can be stored for up to a week in a good fridge but remember they may already have been out of water for several days when you purchase them. Try to eat within 2 days of purchase.

For maximum storage life, don’t clean and prepare the mussels until you want to eat them.


Rope grown mussels should be clean when you buy them, but before cooking, the mussels should be inspected to ensure they are alive and all byssal threads have been removed.

  • Tip the mussels into a dry bowl.
  • Don’t worry about any mussels that are gaping open at this stage.
  • With a knife, remove any byssal threads by gently pulling from the shell. Scrape off any barnacles or calcareous tubeworm deposits.
  • Discard any mussels that are still gaping open and have failed to close during the cleaning process or when the shell is ’pumped’ closed.
  • Finally rinse the mussels in two or three changes of clean fresh or sea water.
  • Don’t worry about any mussels that float, they have trapped some air inside when closing.